Here is a Habits of Heart game to encourage students to interact with others in a positive and uplifting way. Encourage your students to look for the good in each other. Remember, everyone is created in the image of God – so look for each student’s special and wonderful gifts and qualities. Reinforce this with a dash of gratitude – expressing how grateful we are to be in the same class. This is a great way to build community.

I find Circle Time is a wonderful way to manage any Religious Education lesson. A class set of Habits of Heart cards can be used so many ways to promote discussion and encourage critical and creative thinking and reflection. (I photocopy the cards with one Habit per card and laminate them. Share them with other teachers too!)


Build People Up – Don’t Put Them Down-– A Habits of Heart Circle Time Game

  • Place all the students’ names in a hat – or similar. Pass the hat around the room and each student is to draw a name out of the hat. (Check that no one has their own name!) Teachers and helpers should join in these activities!
  • Each student is then to secretly go and find two cards that they would like to present to the person whose name they have drawn out of the hat.
  • Then in a formal and theatrical way – perhaps reminiscent of the Academy Awards with red carpet (or some fabric from Spotlight) – each student has a chance to present his awards with flourish and pageantry.
  • If you don’t have time to do the whole class, you could have a mini celebration each afternoon with a few students receiving their Habits of Heart each day.