Here is a game to get your students thinking critically and creatively and hopefully there will be a lot of chat too!

Where Do You Stand? – A Habits of Heart Circle Time Game

This game works with all ages. Scaffold the younger year levels as needed. You will need a ball of string or brightly coloured wool for this activity. (Bargain City has great deals on string and wool!)

Also, make a set of Habits of Heart cards to use.

  • Stretch the string across your classroom – if possible – diagonally right across the room. You may need to move desks!
  • Ask the students in the circle to think about how important the Habits of Heart are in our lives. Ask them to reflect on what Habits they think are the most important to them. Would everyone have the same opinion? Is there a right or wrong answer to these questions?
  • Place the cards face down around the room on the floor and ask the students to choose, at random, one card each.
  • The students are then to organise themselves in to a line or a continuum along the string – with one end being ‘Super Important’ and the other end being ‘Not Very Important’. The students must arrange themselves any way that they choose and they may discuss their ideas and debate their positions.
  • When the students are in position, ask them to hold up their cards and take a photo of the ‘continuum’.
  • Collect the cards and then place them face down on the carpet and repeat the process. When completed, take a photo and compare. Why is it different? How is it the same? Is one way better or worse? Is one way right? Should Habits of Heart be ranked?

Allow as much discussion and debate as you like. Students who are moving, talking, questioning and thinking will remember more of the lesson. Hopefully, experiences like this will foster greater critical thinking and reflection for all your students.