Imagine combining the wonderful work of Jonathan Whereat’s Habits of Hearts with the powerful and practical Prayer Spaces activities.

Prayer Spaces provides a truly amazing vehicle to explore Habits of Heart in your school.

I have compiled a simple list of suggested Prayer Spaces activities from the website that you can use with each of the Habits of Heart. The list is not exhaustive or exclusive – it is simply a starting point. Once you start thinking about the Habits of Heart in the context of Prayer Spaces, the ideas just seem to flow.

Habits of HeartPrayer Spaces Ideas
Be Loving

Love Hearts

Where is the Love

Love Your Neighbour

Be Grateful

Mountain: The Top

Thankful Box

Thankful Ducks

Thankful Playdough

Thankful Ribbons

Be Aware

Be Still

The Cage


Be Patient

Please Beads

Stress Less

Be Honest


The Chest

Be Wise

Big Questions

Overcoming Hurdles

Be Compassionate

Narnia: Broken World

Remembrance Ribbons

Name that Feeling

Pipe Cleaner People

Do Good

Plasticine People

Playing Cards

Be Faithful

Mountain: The Climb

Prayer Wall

Plasma Ball

Lord’s Prayer Labyrinth

Give Respect

People Tree

Sand Trays

Pom Pom Prayers

Narnia: Identity

Serve Sacrificially

Our Town

Under my Umbrella

Build Community

Love Your Neighbour

Pray for the World

Pray for Your Community

Remembrance Ribbons

Work for Justice

New World

Pray the News

Refugee Rucksacks

Stop the Traffic

Seek Reconciliation

Being Sorry

Reconciliation Zips

Saying Sorry

Sorry Strings

Narnia: Sorry


Inspire Hope

Mountain: Starting Out

Transforming Butterflies

Opportunity Keys

Narnia: Hope

Magnetic Poetry Prayers

Be Courageous

Being Brave

Weightlifting Worry

Overcoming Hurdles

Here is an extra extension activity. Why not let your students explore their own ideas? Give them the Habits of Heart and ask them to develop Prayer Spaces. Allowing your students agency and responsibility demonstrates your care and trust in your students. This is a win/win activity.