Creator – The Reverend Jonathan Whereat, Chaplain at The Southport School

When I arrived at The Southport School in January 2011 the school used the Habits of Mind to jonencourage students to be mindful of their thinking processes. Earlier that year it occurred to me that by themselves the Habits of Mind lacked the foundational source of much human activity, that being the heart. I began to create a list of Habits of the Heart. I shared these with staff and with ALEC. Together we came up with the final list of sixteen habits and the three habit domains.

Creating the Habits of Heart
The Habits of Heart were brought to the Anglican Literacy and Education Committee (ALEC) by Jonathan in 2014 as idea to augment his school’s curriculum framework. Jonathan wanted to balance the academic Habits of Mind concepts with the pastoral, spiritual and humanistic aspects of what is taught in Anglican Schools. The ALEC committee embraced the idea and saw its value for all schools. The ALEC team refined and clarified the Habits and with funding from the Anglican Schools Commission had a set of beautiful and visually strong icons developed. As a committee we pray that the vision of Jonathan and the input of the ALEC committee through this project will strengthen our students for their work in the world.


Artwork – Terence Mulligan

TerryTerence Mulligan from Creative Reimagination is the creative genius who created the Habits of Heart artwork!

The brief for Habits of Heart was to establish a family of icons into 3 sections: personal, relational and communal, while adhering to a common theme.I chose the well known hands of god symbol as the link and master icon, and extended the theme to individual icons to best define each of their meanings.This was achieved by finding, originating and interpreting the graphics into the 3 families. A single hand with leaves for personal growth, pairs of hands with symbols for relationship, and a pair of hands surrounding relevant icons for community. The families each had their own colour styles.

Terence is an art based creative specialising in design, copy, and the full marketing and communications process, with vast experience in advertising, publishing, print and digital. Visit his website at