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Habits Create Charac...

“Gratitude is both an emotion and a character trait,” according to the wonderful authors of a fabulous new book, ‘Character Toolkit for Teachers’. Written by Elizabeth Wright and Frederika Roberts, this book should be on every teacher’s desk! This great book is the practical toolkit we all need as we focus on character education in […]

Be Grateful! Say it ...

The second Habit of Heart is Be Grateful and we know that focussing on an ‘attitude of gratitude’ can be transformative for our students and indeed our schools. Linking ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Mindfulness’ can open up great opportunities for powerful teaching in your school. Here is an idea to foster creativity, collaboration and prosocial awareness.   […]

No Put Downs!

Here is a Habits of Heart game to encourage students to interact with others in a positive and uplifting way. Encourage your students to look for the good in each other. Remember, everyone is created in the image of God – so look for each student’s special and wonderful gifts and qualities. Reinforce this with […]