Here is a game to foster positive growth for all your students.

Go for Goals-– A Habits of Heart Circle Time Game

  • Place the Habits of Heart cards around the room.
  • Ask the students to think about a goal they have, based on one of the Habits of Heart. Perhaps they wish to be more respectful or maybe more grateful?
  • Ask them to wander around the room and then choose one Habit that they would like to improve or develop.
  • Ask the students to sit down when they have chosen a card.
  • TTYPA – ‘Turn to your partner and …’ ask them to suggest ways that you could develop this habit. How might this look at home or at school?
  • Go around the circle and ask each person one thing they could do to develop this habit.
  • Your Journal Time – YJT – students write about the Habit and how they plan to develop that habit during the week. Ask the students to develop a record keeping table – where they can tick off times when they have demonstrated the Habit.
  • Students might like to work in pairs to develop some sort of accountability – so a Habit Helper is someone to help you brainstorm ideas  and to remind you of your goal.