Here is another Circle Time Activity to help students focus on their strengths and on the positive strengths of those around them. It helps your class to appreciate and value all the members of the class. You will need a class set of Habits of Heart cards with one Habit on each card.

Search for Strengths-– A Habits of Heart Circle Time Game

  • Place the cards in the centre of the circle, arranged so that the students can read them. Have plenty of cards – perhaps 4 copies of each. (I just photocopy and laminate what I need.)
  • The students are then to walk around the circle, looking and thinking about the cards. Give the students time to think and carefully consider their choices. Ask the students to think about which Habit is a strength of theirs. At first, ask them to choose just one. When they have chosen their ‘strength’ card,  ask them to sit down again, placing the card in front of them.
  • When all the students are again sitting in the circle, ask them to go around the circle and tell the class about their strength.
  • Now ask the students to ‘share their strength’. Each student is to give a card to someone else who they think has that strength. Do this around the circle so everyone can hear about each other’s strength. Depending on the age of the students, it is often best to simply have each student give a card to the person on their left.
  • Ask the students to write a reflection in their Journal. For younger students, a drawing is always a great way to reflect!