Heart Walk – A Habits of Heart Circle Time Game

Habits of Heart can pave the way for well-being and emotional literacy in your classroom. Team this with Circle Time and you can have fabulous lessons that will engage and motivate your students. Sue Roffey has the most amazing resources for developing Circle Time in your classroom.


So, enjoy some Circle Time activities inspired by the work of Sue Roffey, to help you unpack the Habits of Heart with your students.

Create a pack of cards with one Habit on each card. (Photocopy each Habit separately and then laminate for use. Make about 4 sets for a class to allow for plenty of choice. I suggest making the cards about A5 – but it depends on the age of the students.)

Sue Roffey explains how to introduce Circle Time and has a set of guidelines as to how Circle Time works. It is always important to explicitly teach the students about Circle Time before you commence. Perhaps make a poster about the guidelines or pop it up on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Show the students one set of cards, simply introducing the name and the brief explanation.

Place the cards on desks around the room. The students from the circle are then going to slowly walk around the room and take time to read each card.

Each student is then to choose one card and return to the circle.

Going around the circle, each child will name the Habit they have chosen and briefly explain their choice.

Follow up with sorting activities.

  • Everyone who has chosen the same card could form a group to present to the class about the importance of the Habit they have chosen.
  • Graph the results.
  • Arrange the Habits in order of importance for the class, the school, the individual. This could be a group or whole class activity.