Let’s Start with Advent. Hope, Love, Joy and Peace!

I wonder if you have ever thought about how to use Habits of Heart to help you teach Christmas?  Where do I start?  Let me count the ways! OK – well start with Habit #1 Love and add a little Habit #15 Inspire Hope. So many links to Christmas, but as this is such a short final term for the year, perhaps you might like to begin with introducing Advent.

If you are not sure what to say – then leave it to Chuck!

If you want to get some excellent resources for teaching Advent try the RE:QUEST website. Lots of super lesson ideas available. Why not try – How do Christians prepare for Christmas?

I really think that The Advent Adventures are so worth looking at if you are looking for some great Christmas resources. Click on the link to find all the resources. Look below for a hint of the fun you will find on the website! See how your students can link these stories to Love, Hope, Joy and Peace. These stories are all from different points of view -great for using in drama lessons or as an inspiration for your students to write their own versions.

‘Advent Adventures’ is a resource for use in Collective
Worship at Christmas.
The 10 monologue scripts tell the unfolding ‘big story’ of Christmas and can be
used daily across the two weeks in the lead up to the Christmas holidays in
assemblies or circle time.
SCRIPT 1: Angelica’s story. A little angel discovers that something big’s
about to happen on earth…
SCRIPT 2: Mary’s story. Mary receives a surprise visitor – and some surprise
SCRIPT 3: Gabriel’s story. Heaven’s chief messenger gets another mission –
to smooth things over with Mary’s baffled fiancé.
SCRIPT 4: Joseph’s story. Joseph and Mary journey to his hometown,
Bethlehem. Who will arrive first – them or the baby?
SCRIPT 5: The donkey’s story. A donkey gets more than he bargained for in
his lunchbox.
SCRIPT 6: Mark’s story. A forgetful young angel is working on a special
SCRIPT 7: The shepherd’s story. Some sleepy shepherds are the first to hear
some world-changing news…
SCRIPT 8: The wise man’s story. A new star has appeared in the sky – but
what does it mean?
SCRIPT 9: The servant’s story. It’s tough being a servant in Herod’s palace –
especially when visitors come looking for a new king.
SCRIPT 10: Gabriel’s story – continued. With such a strange beginning to
Jesus’ story, who can imagine what will come next?